“My heart is full of joy when I’m with you” by Eureka C.Bianzon

I remember the first day I’ve seen you on my computer  screen
Your voice was amazing It seemed that your smile were just a dream
At first I was hesitant to share with you my words
Yet as the time passes by  babe you became my world

I wish I could show you how much I really care
And do the things for you like others would only dare
It’s so magical how you  made me feel this way
It’s long to describe like I’m runnin out of words to say

With you I start my morning with a smile
And through you I could live each day worthwhile
You have such a sweet face, I can’t lose on my mind
That  I  have each day which makes my endeavor to shine

My heart is full of joy when I’m with you
You are my angel sent from above,youre my dream come true
Babe  I will treasure those moments that we had
And cherish the time that we will about to have

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