“Happy birthday grandma” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Grandma you’re one of a kind

I’m so thankful for those times

How you raised me through your loving eyes

Grandma you’re really loving ,kind, and wise

I remember the words “Strong and vigorous”

These words you’ve told us, which really describe you

Oh grandma, today is your birthday, I thank God for

Another year of your life

Happy birthday grandma, if you only knew I really wanted

To see your smile

Thank you for the prayers you bestowed to each one of us

Your wishes for us your grandchildren are so wonderful and divine

Oh grandma, thank you for my mom, she’s so caring as you

Thank you for the values you’ve taught her for us to do

Happy birthday grandma, this poem is for you

I hope you would feel how much I love you

I’m looking forward to embrace you again

Be strong and safe always grandma

’til we meet each other again

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