“My brother’s music is God’s gift” by Eureka C.Bianzon

Yellow hay fills the garden ground

It surrounds us like the queen’s golden crown

I sat waiting for my brother’s music to come

Music which encircles my head and calms me down

This is really a warm day caress by his music

Persuade by his passion on his little way

Spirit of which impossibly be perished

Harmonies of light and joy touches like a mother’s care

As the light fades away on the west

I still hear him playing at his best

His music is meaningful as the sunset

And how I wish this day will not end

His music is not just a music but a music that sings

Rambles down to the ocean,like birds fly on their wings

It melts my heart when each sound whispers to my ears

My brother’s music is God’s gift

I love to hear


“I wish you were here”…by Eureka Bianzon

Gliding my feet on the beach sands
While thinking about you this time
How I wish that you were here by my side
Watching the sea waves with me and the brightness of the sun

Staring on your photo with your sweet face
Thinking that you’re not in a distant place
How I wish that you were here with me
And witness the beautiful dawn ’til it’ll set free

Playing all our song I’d love to hear
Reminds me of you in so many ways
Oh how I wish that you were here my dear
You’re the only one who could complete my day


“God the Father” by Eureka C.Bianzon

God the Father who created all lights
Thank you for this day,may You be my guide
I will always honor you, Your power
gives me strength
Your love gives me patience
And Your words give me wisdom to comprehend

You’re my source of peace,my hope
My light on my footsteps to conquer the world
With you I never trembled for you make me strong
You’re here with me to make me firm and stand tall….

Thank you for the words You reveal from my heart
Thank you for the wisdom You give me to impart
God the Father I have no idea of what lies ahead of me
But I’m certain and I trusted my soul to You ’til eternity