“My brother’s music is God’s gift” by Eureka C.Bianzon

Yellow hay fills the garden ground

It surrounds us like the queen’s golden crown

I sat waiting for my brother’s music to come

Music which encircles my head and calms me down

This is a warm day caressed by his music

Persuade by his passion in his little way

Spirit of which impossibly be perished

Filled with peace and harmony from a mother’s care

As the light fades away on the west

I still hear him playing at his best

His music is meaningful as the sunset

From ominous cloud it will never beset

His music is not just a music but a music that sings

Rambles down to the ocean, like birds fly on their wings

It melts my heart when each sound whispers to my ears

My brother’s music is God’s gift

I woud love to hear

By Eureka Robey



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