“I hope this journey will not end” by Eurela C.Bianzon

Sitting here, watching the people passing by
Waiting for my man and wishing for the time to fly
I feel so nervous don’t know the reasons why
Yet I’m really excited to see him with his lovely smile

The train has stopped there were men waving their hands
I couldn’t recognize them from afar for my eyes were  little blind
My man is here,yes he is here
Grasping my hand,my eyes were in tears

The train was about to leave we need to get in
Sitting beside him was the greatest feeling
Moment I’ve been waiting,moment
that I’ve been dreaming
My man is next to me, hope this journey will not end

I laid on his shoulder feeling the warm of his arm
How handsome he is, he is been my lucky charm
I couldn’t hold my feelings back
I kissed his hand
Then his lips, hope this journey will not end