“Darling I’m missing and wanting you more” by Eureka C.Bianzon

Soft cold night standing here on my window pane
Listening to our recorded conversation again
I can’t stop thinking about you
Your voice makes me miss you more than i do

Talking on heaven where the moon  shining down on me
I’m wishing that someday soon
You’ll be here next to me
My feelings have got nothing to hide
I am missing and wanting you more by my side

Through your eyes and smile at me
I remember every little thing
You’ll always be a part of me
Day and night I always see your face
in everything

I wish you were here to warm my night which is cold
All I just want is you to be with me and nothing more
Darling I’m missing and wanting you more
This feeling keeps getting stronger than before

“Draw more closer to God”by Eureka C.Bianzon

In life there’s always pain and grief
The clear bluish sky might turn gray
There’s always an unexpected thing
That might happen all along our way

Our feathers might be soiled by the rain
And it might gave us heaviness and pain
Keeps us from flying in pursuing our dream
But never lose hope for God has a purpose
In everything

Never get tired in facing the challenges of life
Never get tired searching for the illuminating light
We may kneeled down from gnawing pain
Yet God promises us that He will help us rise again

Never lose hope, never lose faith
Express your pains through a silent prayer
Draw more closer to God because through Him
We can gain
Everlasting happiness in life we ever dream t
And aimed

“Never take real happiness for granted”by Eureka C. Bianzon

There are many beautiful things in life
We just take for granted
Small things needed to be recognized
And be appreciated
They might be colorless and clear
But these things may help our hearts heal

Sometimes people find happiness through
Luxurious things in life
Even forgetting those people their
Real happiness behind
Yet losing someone we love can never
Be replaced
By richness, gold, expensive cars
Even of grandeur and fame

Happiness can never be found on material things
These are just temporary possession that blind
Our inner being
God created real happiness that once it’s gone
It will be hard for the heart to mend
So never take real happiness for granted

For regret always come at the end

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Truly,Madly,Deeply,I’m so inlove with you by Eureka C.Bianzon

Writing poems,composing songs are the things I wanna do
Each moment when I sit and this heart of mine would feel about you
There are much of things about you  I wanna say
But I guess a day won’t be enough
For there are much of sweet things you conveyed

I want to scream out loud the three words I do have inside
And now I have the courage not to let them hide
I love you! And all I need is you here by my side
My love for you will never die this is a promise I abide

I love you with all my heart
And no any means can tear us apart
I would rather be the bird and fly in where you are
To stare down on you even from afar

I love you darling,I know you feel it too
This is what I keep on praying that you feel the love like I do
Too many happy tears I ‘ve had from you
Truly madly deeply I’m so inlove with you

Lord,please pour Your miracle on the life of each…by Eureka C.Bianzon

Lord I notice how people affected by their suffering
I’m faithful to You that You will help us stand  from the drastic calamities
Please give encouragemet to the feeblest heart and to the sick
Lord,please pour Your miracle on the
life of each.

May let us be comforted by Your presence
And from cold may let us feel the warm of your hands
Please grant us penetrating mind
to understand
And the courage to live life for a another chance

“Lord, please heal the Philippines” by Eureka C.Bianzon

People shriek voices were in the air
Asking for help for they were in despair
Devastating typhoon washed away their homes
And their loved ones were abruptly lost & gone

Whose ears would hear them as they cried
Saving their family from flood they couldn’t do no matter how they’ve tried
Oh Lord please bestow  them Your healing power
And peace of mind for them not to surrender

They’re still in triumph, all are in hopeless fray
Please give them a hope in each passing day
They may have anguished voices
I believed You understand them
It’s not that easy to lose someone we love and life just unexpectedly end

Filipinos are struggling,all in sad disdain
Some with crashed spirit  because of gnawing pain
Lord please heal our hearts,please
heal our Mother land
Give each Filipino a hope and a fighting spirit for another chance

Bended knees were fall from a great lost
Yet we still believed in You Oh Lord
despite of all
Everything is in Your shaping hands
You have Your purpose that we just
need to understand

May You accept in heaven those thousands of souls
Who died from the tragedy I believed You loved them all
Our ineffable hearts still do believe in You
You are our life our hope and light in everything we do

We thank you for the sages,who were so kind
Who shared their help by all means and of any kind
Bless them more Oh Lord they followed Your path
Your goodness and kindness they possess through their act

Lord please heal the Philippines our mother land
Please touch people’s life, soul and mind
We believed that You’re preparing each of us for the life of eternity
Please foster us Your Own Spirit
in our Humility

“Pagmamahal Mo Panginoon ang aming pag-asang taglay” ni Eureka C.Bianzon

Aming Amang nasa langit
Kami po muli sa inyo’y lumalapit
Nawa’y bigyan po Ninyo ng lakas ng loob
Mga mamamayang nakaalpas sa nakaraang bagyo

Amin pong dalangin na mabigyang
katahimikan yaong mga pumanaw
At sa Kaharian po Ninyo sila ay Inyong matanaw
Labis na kapighatian hatid sa mga
nasa mundong ibabaw
Lalo na yaong mga mahal na buhay
hanggang ngayon mga mata’y mapanglaw

Maraming salamat Panginoon
Sa mga instrumento na Inyong ipinagkaloob
Mga taong may busilak na kalooban
malaking tulong ang inihandog
Nawa’y mabigyang pag asa muli
at muling makabangon
Bansang Pilipinas at mamamayang

Aming dalangin nawa’y magising
Mga matang natutulog sa pagkakahimbing
Mga nakaupo sa gobyerno nawa’y mabigyang pansin
Unahin ang pagtulong hindi ang pansariling adhikain

Salamat Panginoon Kayo ang Aming gabay
Maprotektahan ang mga mahal namin sa buhay
Aming buhay muli namin sa Inyo’y iniaaalay
Pagmamahal Mo Panginoon ang aming pag asang taglay

Aking dasal para sa mga mamamayang Pilipino na nasalanta at naging biktima ng bagyong Yolanda…Ikinalulungkot ko ang mga pangyayari…Gabayan na po tayo nawa ng Panginoon. 

“A Farmer”

Early morning he is up each day

Off on a prairie and all along the way

Travailing his journey on fields, his place

A farmer in his old boots would now start his day

He is in his better land

Digging the soil for the future of his sons

Not minding the heat brought by the sun

His dedication all he made from his heart and hand

This lovely wonderful earth with

beautiful plants and trees

Planted with a whole dignity

by a farmer dear

His obligation in this earth he said

has no end

For there are many people

who needs their hungriness to mend

A farmer is a gift that the heaven sent

Who dedicates his life in fields

until his day will just end

The sun has set and there down came the rain

The farmer walk to home, kiss his wife and kids again

Laying his aching back, resting his calloused feet

And upon closing his eyes, his heart beats

The happiness of planting his purpose, his soul will always keep

his soul will always keep


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“My heart sings I LOVE YOU!” by Eureka C.Bianzon

My heart sings I love you the whole day through
My mind keeps on saying that I’m so inlove with you
My hand wants to reach you and hold you tight
My lips want to touch your lips as I say goodnight

Another music plays, “I cross my heart”
While I’m chasing on your photos
on my lap this night
This song  digs my heart in its deepest part
How I wish that you were here with me tonight

“I love you from my soul’s hid core” by Eureka C.Bianzon

Your blue eyes turned me to see the beauty in me
Though my heart sees myself as little and voice with lower pitch
You share with me my joys and even my sudden grief
You lend an open ears & listen about
the day I defeat

In the maze of this amazing world I unexpectedly faced you
The rays of the sun which shone
into mine were came from you
My silent prayer had been answered
and God made it true
To be with the man I’ll call mine,and I’m blessed for that is YOU

This starry mystery night brought me in paradise
When the breathing from your soul you expressed with delight
Tears were floating across my eyes
I couldn’t explain the happiness
I felt deep inside

I love you from my soul’s hid core
I feel that I’ve had this feeling since before
I’m so deeply inlove with you I couldn’t ask for more
Than for you to be with me forevermore

“My wings for you”

Your face decked with sweetness
Shines brightly as the moonlight’s stream
Never have I denied to spare these glances
Just for you my darling, my angel  my dream

This heart sealed with amazement
Anointed by your heart which is pure
Light winds slowly grasp my mind with excitement
To see you,and be with your arms so soon

Your heart is pure,your eyes are true
Not any other man could replace the momentous things you do
It was my desire to spread this wings just for you
To soar high to reach you to be with you
And make our dreams come true