“I love you from my soul’s hid core” by Eureka C.Bianzon

Your blue eyes turned me to see the beauty in me
Though my heart sees myself as little and voice with lower pitch
You share with me my joys and even my sudden grief
You lend an open ears & listen about
the day I defeat

In the maze of this amazing world I unexpectedly faced you
The rays of the sun which shone
into mine were came from you
My silent prayer had been answered
and God made it true
To be with the man I’ll call mine,and I’m blessed for that is YOU

This starry mystery night brought me in paradise
When the breathing from your soul you expressed with delight
Tears were floating across my eyes
I couldn’t explain the happiness
I felt deep inside

I love you from my soul’s hid core
I feel that I’ve had this feeling since before
I’m so deeply inlove with you I couldn’t ask for more
Than for you to be with me forevermore

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