“Lord, please heal the Philippines” by Eureka C.Bianzon

People shriek voices were in the air
Asking for help for they were in despair
Devastating typhoon washed away their homes
And their loved ones were abruptly lost & gone

Whose ears would hear them as they cried
Saving their family from flood they couldn’t do no matter how they’ve tried
Oh Lord please bestow  them Your healing power
And peace of mind for them not to surrender

They’re still in triumph, all are in hopeless fray
Please give them a hope in each passing day
They may have anguished voices
I believed You understand them
It’s not that easy to lose someone we love and life just unexpectedly end

Filipinos are struggling,all in sad disdain
Some with crashed spirit  because of gnawing pain
Lord please heal our hearts,please
heal our Mother land
Give each Filipino a hope and a fighting spirit for another chance

Bended knees were fall from a great lost
Yet we still believed in You Oh Lord
despite of all
Everything is in Your shaping hands
You have Your purpose that we just
need to understand

May You accept in heaven those thousands of souls
Who died from the tragedy I believed You loved them all
Our ineffable hearts still do believe in You
You are our life our hope and light in everything we do

We thank you for the sages,who were so kind
Who shared their help by all means and of any kind
Bless them more Oh Lord they followed Your path
Your goodness and kindness they possess through their act

Lord please heal the Philippines our mother land
Please touch people’s life, soul and mind
We believed that You’re preparing each of us for the life of eternity
Please foster us Your Own Spirit
in our Humility

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