Truly,Madly,Deeply,I’m so inlove with you by Eureka C.Bianzon

Writing poems,composing songs are the things I wanna do
Each moment when I sit and this heart of mine would feel about you
There are much of things about you  I wanna say
But I guess a day won’t be enough
For there are much of sweet things you conveyed

I want to scream out loud the three words I do have inside
And now I have the courage not to let them hide
I love you! And all I need is you here by my side
My love for you will never die this is a promise I abide

I love you with all my heart
And no any means can tear us apart
I would rather be the bird and fly in where you are
To stare down on you even from afar

I love you darling,I know you feel it too
This is what I keep on praying that you feel the love like I do
Too many happy tears I ‘ve had from you
Truly madly deeply I’m so inlove with you

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