“Goodbye my dearest friend” by Eureka C. Bianzon

I was in silence staining my pillow
With the water from my eyes
Hiding this feeling of sorrow
Knowing soon you’ll be
Saying a saddest goodbye
An hour just past I’m still
In gnawing pain
Reminiscing the memories
I had with you, will never
Be the same again
Thank you for everything
For saving me every single day
Thank you for the smiles and laughter
You shared with me
For making me feel so special
In many possible ways
Goodbye my dearest friend
I will surely be missing you
I know this is not the end
Forever I will cherish and
Treasure you

“I love you “by Eureka C. Bianzon

I love you for so many reasons,
for all the special qualities that you have
for all the things that you do…

Darling you are amazing person
and one of a kind in all that you have
I love you because you are you

I love you because I know
That I belong to you
You mean the world to me
And forever I will treasure you…

I love you and there’s nothing
You can ever do to lose my love
Darling you’re my every thing
And the one I prayed from above

I need you because I love you
I love you for what you are,
And for what you do
I love everything in you
Either best or worst that made
You YOU!



“Hope” by Eureka C.Bianzon

Night after night we chase for thoughts

And barely open our hearts for a prayer of hope

There are times our heart feels so lost

Even scared of passing a winding road

And sometimes when our faith begins

We encounter much unfortunate things

Keep the faith and pray with hope

There’s light waiting the end of the road

Our best guide is there up high

We all are very close to Him,to His sight

He knows our dreams and our goals

He’s the holy spirit of our souls

Chase light of hope to help weariness gone

Let rays of light shine, gaze the glorious sun

Hope for the better each day

Pray that thru Him best things will come your way


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“Darling I will love you now, forever till infinity” by Eureka C.Bianzon

 My heart melts when you look at me
With your beautiful eyes
Your presence darling makes me feel
You’re the most special person for me
You’re the only one in my dream
I want to see
You are my song, you are my tune
You are my light at night like the
Glimmering moon
You are my angel, with the
Sweetest smiles
You’re the one I want to watch
Over me throughout the night
In the deepness of your heart
I realized more of my inner beauty
For your heart always say the truth
And your soul speaks with sincerity
I feel your love so naturally
I don’t even feel to fake a smile on my lips
You’re my love my one and only
Darling I will love you now, forever till infinity

“Iyong pagmamahal dala sa’kin ay kagalakan ni Eureka C. Bianzon

Gaya ng buwan sa’king durungawan
Ikaw ay liwanag sa tuwing ako’y naninimdim
Iyong pagmamahal dala sa’kin ay  kagalakan
Mula umaga hanggang sumapit ang takip silim…

Diwa ko’y nagagalak sa tuwing ikaw ay sumasagi sa ‘king isipan
Aking tula nanaman ay aking iniuukit sa aking iniingatang paham
Ikaw ay isang awiting kay sarap pakinggan
At kapayapaan naman  ang dala sa aking munting isipan…..


W ith you I felt the love that I’ve never felt before
I am amazed with your sweetness and loving soul
L ove for me was just a word then you came into my life
L onely life that I lived you changed with happiest smiles
I am so deeply in love with you
A t times I can’t find the words to express how deeply I feel
M y soul is certain that my love for you is real
Z ach is the name that tattooed permanently here in my heart
A nd I want you to know that it was here from the very start
C an’t imagine my life without you now
H ope you feel the same way somehow
A ll days I always think about you
R ight here beside me I’m wishing to spend each moment with you
Y our arms are the ones I want to cuddle & comfort me my love
R eal love I found in you
O nly you made me feel this way, only you
B abe thank you for loving me, thank you for being with me
E ureka loves you too so dearly
Y ou’ll always have my heart ’til eternity

A poem dedicated to my one and only….♥♥♥

“Ngunit kaysakit” ni Eureka C. Bianzon

Kaysakit hindi ko mapigilan lumuha sa pagdaramdam
Puso ko’y yinurakan ng hindi ko man lang nalaman
Unti-unti mong pinadarama na ikaw pala ay magpapaalam
Ngunit kaysakit ng malaman ko ang tunay na dahilan

Ako’y naghintay sa’yo ng kahit gaano katagal
Tiwala ko’y buong buo at lalo kitang minahal nang nagtagal
Aking hinigpitan ang aking paghawak sa iyong mga kamay
Ngunit kaysakit ikaw pala ay bibitiw sa pagmamahalan nating

Aking ibinigay buong pagkatao ko,buhay at kaluluwa ko
ay inialay ko sa’yo
Napamahal ka sakin lalo nadin ang pamilya mo
Ika’y aking hinangaan sa buong pagkatao mo
Ngunit kaysakit pala na hindi ikaw yung taong nakilala ko

Aking naaalala bawat minuto,bawat araw noong tayo ay magkasama
Mga biruan natin, parang wala ng bukas noon kung tayo’y magsaya
Palaging sumasagi sa ‘king isipan kung ano ka sa akin nung una
Ngunit kaysakit pagmamahalan natin ay wala na palang pag asa

Puso ko’y nagdaramdam,ngunit ang lahat ay gusto ko manggaling
Nais kong madinig ang lahat ng dahilan sa kabila ng lahat ng ito
Ika’y nananatili padin dito sa ‘aking puso
Ngunit kaysakit biglang naglaho ang iyong bintawang pangako

Akala ko noon tayo’y magsasama habang buhay
Akala ko noon makakasama mo ako sa iyong bawat tagumpay
Ngunit sa bawat patak ng aking luha sa bawat pagninilay
Kaysakit ng aking nadarama na ako ay wala na pala sa iyong buhay

Minahal kita simula pa noon
Mga alala mo’y nananatili sa’kin alaala ng ating bawat kahapon
Ikaw ay mananatili padin sa aking puso
Aking tatanggapin na iba na ang iyong mahal at hindi na ako

Nawa’y pagdating ng araw ay sumagi ako sa iyong isipan
Sa tuwing ikaw ay mapapadpad sa ating mga pinupuntahan
Nais kong sabihin sa’yo na mahal na mahal kita
Nasaktan man ako,aking tatanggapin lahat ng sakit 
bastat ikaw ay mananatiling masaya

Ganyan kita kamahal,ganyan ka kahalaga sa akin
Ganyan ko pinahahalagahan bawat segundo ng mga alaala mo sa’kin
Mahal kita ,mahal na mahal
Ngunit kaysakit pala ang aking mundo ay  bigla nalang nabuwal’

Palagi mong iingatan bawat pangako mo
Sa taong sinasabi mong napamahal na sa’yo
Nawa’y wag mo iparamdam sa kanya ang nararamdaman ko
Ingatan mo sya,sapagkat alam kong may sasalo din
sa puso’t pagmamahal ko

“I would love to be your guardian angel” By Eureka C. Bianzon

I would love to be your guardian angel
From dawn till the morning comes
I want to be the one who will always be there
Who will always care for you when you need
An open arm
I would love to spread my wings and
Embrace you to keep you warm
When the night seems so cold and
You need the whole night to be calmed
I want to watch you peacefully sleeping at night
With your arms with me and hugging me tight
Then our dreams will meet in each other’s mind
Continuing each moment so nothing will be left behind
I want to lay beside you the whole night
So I would know that everything
With you is going to be alright
I want to be with at your sight when you
Open your eyes
And wake up with me in the mornings
With your brightest smiles

God knows who I am by Eureka C. Bianzon

God knows the reason when I cry
He knows when I was about to give up to try
He knows when I couldn’t bear the pain
He knows when I’m hopeless to rise up again
He knows when I seek for calmness
After a dreadful yesterday full of sadness
He knows to whom I will express my heartaches
Where things went so wrong and so much hard take
God knows my intention in my life
To my family, to my loved ones with whom
I share my life
He knows that all I want is all the best for them
Even if nothing will be left for me as long as I am
Providing all for them
God knows what is written in my heart
My purpose to share my deepest part
He knows that I share my writings
Not because of me to be known
But because that is His purpose for His
Wisdom to be shown
God knows all about me,
Of who I am and what am I going to be
He knows all my weaknesses and strengths
And he knows that I am the person
Who will never ever dare to pretend
God knows that I am not a perfect one
He knows all the dire mistakes I’ve done
He knows that I’ve forsaken all those things
And with Him I surrendered my life
With everything
God knows how much I love to care
About the people
He knows what’s deep inside my heart
Is to care for all
He knows everything about me
For He is the only one I’ll always keep
’till eternity
Mypenandsoul.wordpress.com © 2013 All rights reserved

“Live life as how it is meant to be” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Live each day for time is passing
Live life for it is so amazing
Fill it with happiness when the
Cloud seems gray and stormy
Live life as how it is meant to be
Share each day to the people
You love
Never wait for the dawn as the
Sun fades
Let the people feel the heart
That you have
For the sunshine won’t come
As tomorrow it might have shades
Never let the darkness
Vanish happiness you feel
Live life, and laugh with tears
Each day is a given chance to
Share what you feel
So take a walk with your loved
One’s and set aside all the
Worries and fears…
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