“Unmet dream doesn’t mean a failure” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Life has full of tests somehow make you
To be discouraged to face the rest
Sometimes it makes you fail not even once
But twice at the same time of the day
Make you stop and lose your heart holding on
For faith
And hurts your heart as its being holed by a
Very sharp pointed nail

A race of life is full of risks and strife
Roads somehow might be rocky
And humps are very hard to strive
Our dreams might be a fairy tale in a night
And there are nights that it gives us full of fright

Life is a journey for two
Either for a quitter or a believer not to quit
And I know that is you
I knew you have accomplished something
See! You’re a fighter for you have done trying in

Never be discouraged when things went wrong
It doesn’t mean that you’re a failure, it means that you’re
Just that strong
Life has full of test, and you were the chosen one
Because you’re the best
Who can pass even the rest of the test, for you have
The faith that makes your burden less

Unmet dream doesn’t mean a failure
It means that God is preparing you
For its perfect time
Continue believing on yourself and endure
For God is here with us either rain or shine

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