“Be the Courage”

First you might be the bird with fragile wings
Hesitant to fly for the scared of falling
Then when you try to leap and think of giving up
Your heart tells you to have the courage to get some luck

You have taken all the risks of flying for so many times
You’ve learned from mistakes and swallow your pride
Then you start having faith despite of strife
Your courage developed more to strive

Now you can fly high, you can reach the sky
And look back when it was very difficult to fly
You built your future,with a good and brighter life
Your courage and hope have cleared your sight

Continue flying and be the courage to those who wish to fly
Be someone who will tell them” Never doubt to give a try”
Be an instrument of courage and lead them to a world so bright
For one day once you all fly together you will be thankful
That behind this life you made things right

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