“I would love to be your guardian angel” By Eureka C. Bianzon

I would love to be your guardian angel
From dawn till the morning comes
I want to be the one who will always be there
Who will always care for you when you need
An open arm
I would love to spread my wings and
Embrace you to keep you warm
When the night seems so cold and
You need the whole night to be calmed
I want to watch you peacefully sleeping at night
With your arms with me and hugging me tight
Then our dreams will meet in each other’s mind
Continuing each moment so nothing will be left behind
I want to lay beside you the whole night
So I would know that everything
With you is going to be alright
I want to be with at your sight when you
Open your eyes
And wake up with me in the mornings
With your brightest smiles

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