W ith you I felt the love that I’ve never felt before
I am amazed with your sweetness and loving soul
L ove for me was just a word then you came into my life
L onely life that I lived you changed with happiest smiles
I am so deeply in love with you
A t times I can’t find the words to express how deeply I feel
M y soul is certain that my love for you is real
Z ach is the name that tattooed permanently here in my heart
A nd I want you to know that it was here from the very start
C an’t imagine my life without you now
H ope you feel the same way somehow
A ll days I always think about you
R ight here beside me I’m wishing to spend each moment with you
Y our arms are the ones I want to cuddle & comfort me my love
R eal love I found in you
O nly you made me feel this way, only you
B abe thank you for loving me, thank you for being with me
E ureka loves you too so dearly
Y ou’ll always have my heart ’til eternity

A poem dedicated to my one and only….♥♥♥

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