“You’re like a feather sent to me “by Eureka C.Bianzon

I’ve once looked my life as ridicule
Thinking of real love and its nature
Endless doubt I had in me
To those men I’ve met and seen

So deeply I was trying to understand
Why these eyes couldn’t see such man
Someone who could shade my heart with love
And diminish the doubt that runs in my blood

Then a day came you smiled at me
You’ve been like a love spell to my soul
Your glance spark in every single thing I’ve seen
You brought light which lighten up my world

The happiness you stirred deeply in me
As I claimed that you’re the man for me
You’re like a feather sent to me by the wind
That tickles my heart in every joy that you bring

“Rays of light will always come” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Long ago I was a courage empty man
But then I suddenly received the encouragement
From heaven
I ran grasping the rays of the sun
Life fulfilling moment for my emptiness to mend

I leaped in lengthy steps to reach my goal
Wandered my mind wide restoring my soul
Devious triumphs I surpassed to win the race
For the heaven is with me
Even on those challenging days

I surfed; I sailed away regardless of my freezing hand
For I’ve gained the courage to reach my ever dreamed land
A land with full of hopes that will encourage everyone
That life might be basked with dark weary clouds
Yet there’s certainty that rays of light will always come

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“thank you my dearest friend” by Eureka C. Bianzon

thank you for being there for me
when no one seemed to be around
thank you for the care you bestowed
upon me
when nobody seemed to care about me
and understand

thank you for everything
for wishing all the best for me
thank you so much my dearest friend
you’ll always be a part of me

thank you so much for caring
about me still
i know it’s hard for us to say the saddest
both of us doesn’t know what tomorrow
will bring
but for me having you is the most
memorable thing in my life

thank you my dearest friend
until we meet again
this must be a farewell,but it’s not yet
the end
your name is placed in my heart and it is

“My heart have found its soul mate,its best friend in you” by Eureka C. Bianzon

A glance at you while you’re  asleep
Makes my heart sing on fast beats 
I am sure you know what’s in beneath
This chest almost couldn’t breathe

Solely because you’re with it
As sweeter as the moonlight lit
My rainy sky you turn as sunny day
As my world when frown you turn
to grin

You’re just like my mirror when you smile
It would definitely bounce unto me
You make my days all worthwhile
You’re the sweetest smile i have in me

My heart have found the peace in you
From the sound of your voice when you talk
From every little thing that you do
My heart have found its soul mate,its best friend
in you
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Your love is a feeling I would never leave by Eureka C. Bianzon

Watching the fading of the sun
While sitting here, waiting for you to come
I thought of the memories we’ve been through
Moments which confirm me that all that I need is you

I looked at the sky and it’s reflection on the sea
All that my eyes have seen were just you and me
Your love is a feeling I would never leave
I couldn’t ask for more that you could give

“Reminisce our wonderful memories” by Eureka C. Bianzon

If the day comes that I won’t be here on this earth
Please don’t cry, for my heart will also get hurt
I would still be smiling for we have memories
That i will never forget
And I want to tell you, loving you is the thing
That I will never regret
I may not be staying for long,
For i don’t know what lies ahead of me
Please don’t be sad, imagine that
I’m singing for you a song
And composing for you is the
Thing that really makes me happy
If the morning comes that you won’t be seeing me
Please think that I’m always watching over you
Even at your closed door
Please smile, like my smile that you adorn
And feel that I always give you a kiss
In each early morn
If the time comes that you won’t be hearing
Something about me
Please read the letters and poems
That I’ve written for you
Reminisce our wonderful memories
Especially the love that I cherish
And I will leave with you
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” Please let me” by Eureka C. Bianzon

 Please let me love you
If there’s no one else who could love you like I do
Please let me stay with you
If there’s no one who could stay around like I do
Please let me take care of you
If there’s no one who could look after you
Please let me hear you
If there’s no one who could understand things like I do
Please let me hold you
If there’s no one who could catch you when you fall
Please let me be one
Who could be with you forever after all
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Let them say

Now I’m holding my guitar to sing a song for you
My heart really can’t wait to be with you
I never thought that I would fall at your sight
Even my heart and my feelings fell that night

I feel so sad when you’re sad
And i feel happy when you are
Each day I pray for you to be ok
Even if we’re afar my feelings for you will always stay

I really feel so happy when you’re at my sight
Especially when i see you smiling at me
I don’t care if people would say we’re weird and different
In our love story they don’t know even a single thing about it

I’m thinking in the future to be with you
Not only by means of technology i could see you
Each time i feel that i want to talk you
Even if ill stay awake the whole night and not to blink my eye just for you


” Sabihin man ng iba na tayo’y weirdo at kakaiba” ni Eureka C.Bianzon

Nalulungkot ako kapag malungkot ka
At masaya naman kapag nakikita kitang masaya
Sa bawat araw panalangin ko sana ay ok ka
Kahit na magkalayo tayo damdamin ko padin ay hindi mag iiba

Naiisip ko balang araw makakasama din kita
Hindi lang sa paraan ng makabagong teknolohiya makikita
Sa bawat oras ikaw ang nais kong makausap
Kahit abutin pa ng magdamag sa isip ko kung pwede lang hindi kumurap

Nasisiyahan ako kapag kaharap kita
Lalo na ngayon na tayo’y magsasama
Sabihin man ng iba na tayo’y weirdo at kakaiba
Sa istorya ng ating pag ibig walang alam sila
Ang mahalaga tayo’y nagmamahalan at nananatiling masaya

“Thank you Father” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Thank you Father for giving us the chance for this wonderful day
For endowing us your protection and uttermost care
For blessing our families for guiding them everyday
Thank you for everything, for loving us in so many ways

Thank you Father for giving us the chance to smile
For letting us walk again with your spirit to reach a thousand miles
For giving us hope to pursue our goals in life
Thank you for showering us your words to choose and do what is right

Thank you Father for blessing us with many amazing things
For the love, care, laughter that our loved ones
can bring
For the music of happiness that our hearts can sing
Thank you God for bestowing us your sweetness in everything

Thank you Father for sharing us your words in our everyday life
For rendering us your wisdom and be our guide
For forgiving us from all our dire mistakes and sins
Thank you for giving us the chance to change for the right
and continue the ones that we’ve missed

“Thank you darling” by Eureka C. Bianzon

 Thank you for loving me in so many ways
For brighten up my dark weary clouds and
Make it a sunny day
Thank you so much for wiping my tears away
For lighten up my spirit when I feel so down
After a saddest day
Thank you for being so caring and kind
You’re one in a million so rare to find
Thank you for sharing your life with me
You’re the sweetest person I’ve ever met and seen
Thank you for being a friend who always
 Try to understand
Who always care to be there for me
to offer a helping hand
Darling you’re the soul mate of my longing soul
Someone I’ve been waiting in my entire life
To complete my world
Thank you for being that someone that accepts
me for who I am
Someone who never change me but always believe
in me that I can
Thank you for always saying
 that you’re my number one fan
Darling you’re an amazing person whom I want to
Share my life with ’til the end of time
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