“Thank you Father” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Thank you Father for giving us the chance for this wonderful day
For endowing us your protection and uttermost care
For blessing our families for guiding them everyday
Thank you for everything, for loving us in so many ways

Thank you Father for giving us the chance to smile
For letting us walk again with your spirit to reach a thousand miles
For giving us hope to pursue our goals in life
Thank you for showering us your words to choose and do what is right

Thank you Father for blessing us with many amazing things
For the love, care, laughter that our loved ones
can bring
For the music of happiness that our hearts can sing
Thank you God for bestowing us your sweetness in everything

Thank you Father for sharing us your words in our everyday life
For rendering us your wisdom and be our guide
For forgiving us from all our dire mistakes and sins
Thank you for giving us the chance to change for the right
and continue the ones that we’ve missed