Let them say

Now I’m holding my guitar to sing a song for you
My heart really can’t wait to be with you
I never thought that I would fall at your sight
Even my heart and my feelings fell that night

I feel so sad when you’re sad
And i feel happy when you are
Each day I pray for you to be ok
Even if we’re afar my feelings for you will always stay

I really feel so happy when you’re at my sight
Especially when i see you smiling at me
I don’t care if people would say we’re weird and different
In our love story they don’t know even a single thing about it

I’m thinking in the future to be with you
Not only by means of technology i could see you
Each time i feel that i want to talk you
Even if ill stay awake the whole night and not to blink my eye just for you


6 thoughts on “Let them say

      1. WoW! WoW! WOW! 🙂 I just listened your song. Let me rephrase that. I listened to several of them. They are so beautiful and you have an amazing voice and writing talent. God as truly blessed you……and me 🙂

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