“He said goodbye” by Eureka C. Bianzon

I stayed awake last night
Waiting for you to arrive
I stared closely at the door
You’ve never been late like this before

Then a shadow of a woman appeared
I couldn’t explain what would I feel
When I turned on the lights to see it clear
I’ve seen your mom on her saddest grief

My heart felt strange and I cried
Then suddenly mom said “He said goodbye”
That broke my world,torn my  heart in two
For I’ll never get anymore the chance
to show you more how much I  love you

“the song “If tomorrow never comes” made my heart
compose this poem…
“You’ll never know the importance and value of people in your life before you lose them”
Show them how much you love them,show them how much you care,make them smile,make them happy,life is vague,and we don’t know things that lies ahead…

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