“Magic from your heart” by Eureka C.Bianzon

Sometimes I think why do I love you
I hardly convey it with words
I didn’t even surmise to fall for you
For we were just friends
 who shares the normal world
The blitheness that you brought in my
life is beyond description
You accepted me for who I am as
an imperfect person
You made me feel the warmth I’ve never found
Your heart brought the place where I am
so happy to bound
Too many days I’ve been all by myself at home
Too many nights I spent my life being alone
Then a blissful day of knowing you
came along
You made me feel whole with your sweetest
I never thought that a dream can be so real
I never thought that life can give more that it gives
In my heart there’s a magic from you that I feel
Magic from your heart which made me believe

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