“We are all equal in the eyes of the Almighty” by Eureka C.Bianzon

I light up the candles and i’m home alone
Sat in a couch staring at the melting candle that formed
Suddenly a thing came up in my mind that all will be gone
No matter what is the color ,the race,belief someday
all of us will be sitting beside the Father’s throne

This is the mystery of life that we should learn and abide
Before we were born we were meant to be place in the Father side
No matter how rich we are,no matter how fame we are like a star
We still have the same path when we leave this earth & go that far

So learn to do good,not racist,neither pretend as so clean
Help the poor,defend them from criticism, and make their face to grin
We are all equal in the eyes of the Almighty
We are one who deserve to be with Him in eternity