“Unleashed quiescence spirit” by Eureka C. Bianzon

My mind is shadowed with vast despair
Alone, like a bird with broken wings
Stagnated on this place,will this be forever?
Or there’s a hope that tomorrow will bring

I counted so many hours struggling
Searching for you for many days and nights
So many years were thoroughly passing
But I’ve never seen the rays of your light

Teardrops fell from my sorrowful soul
Crafting my unleashed quiescence spirit
in a piece of gold
Our promises we’ve made and forever we both
Disappeared in the wind in heaven now you

“Anghel na makata” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Minsan naiisip ko kung ako ba talaga ang may gawa
Ng mga tulang aking inilalambag sa kwaderno kong
O sadyang may isang anghel sa’king tabi na sadyang makata
At ginagabayan ang aking isip sa pagsulat ng aking mga tula
Pakiramdam ko hindi ako ang sumusulat ng lahat
Sapagkat ako’y sumususlat ng tuloy tuloy na walang halong
Salamat sa Diyos ako’y binigyan ng isang  anghel na makata
Aking pinasasalamatan kahit hindi ko man nakikita

You’re the reflection of clear blue sea without end

Your heart is the most precious place
Where I want to keep my heart
Your caring way is the feeling I want to embrace
When my world has been torn apart

You’re my beckoning kisses in my mornings
And your face is my desire to see in my dreams at night
Your my heart’s love & forever I am adorning
You’re my enchanting passion in my entire life

You amaze me with the sheerness of your intent
And you’re the only one I always want to comprehend
You’re the reflection of clear blue sea without end
Forever I will cherish for you’re the gift God has sent


“You’re the sweetest thing that ever happened to me”by Eureka C. Bianzon

You made me sigh in your breathtaking glances
Your  loving blue eyes, made my heart 
to beat in sweet dances
Oh sweetheart you’re so dear to me
You’re such a dream in infinite reality

You made me sing with your thoughts every day
Your smiles,made my lips to curve in pretty way
Oh sweetheart you’re so special to me
You’re the sweetest thing that ever happened to me

“May this world be filled with angels” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Scattered flesh and bones
From unprecedented war in the world
Innocents young and old
Are suffering for no mercy have shown
Darkness shadowed in people’s world
Witnessing their loved ones in evil’s thresholds
Bloodied land full of souls asking for hope
To escape from a dreadful day of nuisance world
Hungry men are summoning
Showing their surrendered cries
For they were scared of dying
Like their fellow who just died
May this world be filled with angels
And butterflies with full of love
So no one will suffer from sorrowful
And this earth may follow the
rules of the Lord above
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