“Abandoned children” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Photo credit to the owner Nilepost.co.Photo is not mine , searched from google

“Abandoned Children”

A young boy in cold wintry streets
Traversing the dangerous road with his barely feet
Eyes were sunken, craving for food to eat
Travailing the hungriness hoping for
good man to meet

On his shoulder tied an old cloth bag
A crying baby was conspicuously seen
Body wrapped with old clad rags
Suffering from cold night thus better place
is unforeseen

Struggling the road days and nights
Knocking on car windows hoping for
someone’s sight
Yet much of the speeding cars just ignored
These abandoned children traversing
their unfortunate world

When will these children feel the warm from
cold nights?
Have their hungry stomach be filled & foods
will never leave their sights
When will these children feel the love from
Love that we’re having yet for some it seems just

Picture credit to Nilepost.co

Grandmothers are the mostprecious gift by Eureka C. Bianzon

In her rocking chair she sits and says her prayers
For us her children and her grand-daughters
She spends her time trying to reminisce
Whether small,big and unforgettable memories

She might forget our names little by little
Yet all of us are special and dear in her heart
She might forget things we did for her
But in her heart all has been kept in there

In her heart we know how she wants to spend
her time with us
She might not travel so often to visit us
But in her heart and mind she always do
She misses us, and looks forward of seeing
her too

Her time of stay is becoming so short
So let us not prohibit our time
For she’s getting more old
Let us spend our moments with her
with full of joys
For our grandmothers are the most
precious gift given in this world

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“Don’t cry tomorrow if you won’t be seeingme anymore” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Goodnight my love,stay here by my side
As I pray this night will go far and wide
I want to spend this time staring at your face
I know this will be the last night of being with
you and tomorrow will be another day

Close your eyes,and dream about me
Of me being with you and you forever 
beside me
Don’t mind if I won’t be closing my eyes this night
I want to see your face while you’re here by my side

Don’t cry tomorrow if you won’t be seeing
me anymore
For I don’t want to feel that you’re crying
behind this closed door
I promise that  it’ll never take time
 of seeing you again
I love you! I’ll always love you,this a
promise which will never end

“Life is more precious if I dig my purpose” by Eureka C. Bianzon

I say it to myself that I will keep on writing
Even when I get old,and my eyes get poor
from seeing
I will let my hands write what my heart tells
And fill the paper with the ink where it dwells

I won’t stop penning a poem, a piece of my art
For I know the inspiration will never subside
within my heart
This is the most luminant thing than a piece of gold
Forever will be shared even if I’ll get so old

Life is more precious if I dig my purpose
Sharing the inspiration from my own little world
Life is not a matter of richness but by deeds
I have done
Forever will be remembered even when
I’m gone

The pure reflection on your image lies by Eureka C.Bianzon

Across the rays of light towards my window
Shining upon the picture crafted by my soul
An image of yours that shines my world
As your hair glistens like strings of gold

Image which make me feel my passions and desires
To discover the mystic face on the featured lines
Picturing  your sweet  gentle face’s divine
Makes my heart giggle from your smile that shines

The pure reflection on your image lies
The perfect love is what I feel and see in your eyes
This feeling is strange ,and quite hard to define
All i know,this love is real like those visible lines

“This night never leave my mind” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Loving this night with pillow on my breast
Thinking about me laying on your chest
I sure you know where I want this soul to rest
After a day all that I need is your
sweet caress

I want to dream about us in an empty beach
Where no one neither see nor reach
In there I know we could find the perfect peace
A place where time for us will never ceased

This night never leave my mind thinking about
Sweet things and memories I want to share
with you
I look forward to those years that will be stored
For us my love,my heart of my loving soul

You’re more than richness given by the Lord by Eureka C. Bianzon

I’ve found all my aspirations from you
For no one could make this life
worth living than you do
I’ve found my inspiration through you
You’re the one that keeps me going
in everything that I do

From you I’ve found what richness meant
through all the precious times that we’ve
You’re more than an expensive gem
You’re the treasure that I will keep ’til 
the end

You’re my morning sunshine that streams
in my window
Which wakes me up from the night after an
unbearable sorrows
You’re the noblest prize that I behold
You’re more than richness given
by the Lord