“Make the weak heart strong” by Eureka C.Bianzon

Let us not forget that we are in God’s shaping hands
Molding our life preparing us in life of eternity
Each one of us must learn to accept and understand
That life on earth is borrowed from heaven & just

Have all the faith and hope 
To share the noblest things in the world
Share life, for it is just so short
Share the inspiration and make the weak
heart strong 

Think of sharing the blessings from your hands
Like butterflies that fly and mist them like sparkling sands
Share inspirational music which can be heard in heaven
Songs of hope which can be shared over and over again

Scattered the fragrance of fulfilled souls
Enriching the feeblest heart who is searching for hope
Lamp and illuminate those with darkest world
Share the inspiration and make the weak heart

“Longing thoughts  by Eureka C.Bianzon

My mind is full of longing thoughts 
as I opened my eyes today
Wishing you’re  here next  to me
this is what I always pray

Glazing upon the radiant walls
From the sun, shining its rays
Imagining I’m leaning on your arms
Hoping this pillow will be you someday

My heart longs for you at all
These are the unleashed words I want to say
My mind is full of longing thoughts
Wishing for you to be with me one day

“Unfold stories behind my teary eyes” by Eureka C. Bianzon

I was calm as the resting sea
Spending the night with a cup of tea
Penning my emotions full of mystery
From the regret I’ve heard when you
talked to me

Unfold stories behind my teary eyes
Like a song with its saddest lullabies
From the moment when I said goodbye
On those years when I hated your
endless lies

My heart shed a million tears
But you weren’t there to cast my fears
I’ve waited this heart to heal
And here I am,the strength I revealed

You were my passion, you were
the one I’ve cared above all
Yet those times were just my frustrations
For you’ve just broken my world

Here I am now with full of strengths
And there you are telling your regrets
I just hope for the peace in your heart
Like me I’ve found where I would stand
when my world fell apart

Life is a matter of chance by Eureka C. Bianzon

Time that pass, time that goes
In each passing day we need to know
We need to pass to reach our goals
In our life when years get old
Time to think, time to move
In each passing day we need to improve
We must face the task to attain our dreams
Never give up neither try to scream
Time to touch, time to hold
Make each hidden desire to be left unfold
We must do today what we can show
For life is a matter of chance to wait
for tomorrow

” Twisted lies” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Some may stitch up many stories
About yourself with full of lies
Don’t worry It won’t make them easy
Think they’re just letting you to rise

Never feel bitter,
Just feel proud you’ve caught their eyes
Don’t cry for you are more stronger,
than their twisted lies

Just laugh at them and count 
your blessings they didn’t mind
Just be thankful that you’re yourself
Unlike them who are just wasting their time