“Unfold stories behind my teary eyes” by Eureka C. Bianzon

I was calm as the resting sea
Spending the night with a cup of tea
Penning my emotions full of mystery
From the regret I’ve heard when you
talked to me

Unfold stories behind my teary eyes
Like a song with its saddest lullabies
From the moment when I said goodbye
On those years when I hated your
endless lies

My heart shed a million tears
But you weren’t there to cast my fears
I’ve waited this heart to heal
And here I am,the strength I revealed

You were my passion, you were
the one I’ve cared above all
Yet those times were just my frustrations
For you’ve just broken my world

Here I am now with full of strengths
And there you are telling your regrets
I just hope for the peace in your heart
Like me I’ve found where I would stand
when my world fell apart

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