“You’re a gem given by God” by Eureka C.Bianzon

Teach yourself not be so proud
Of possessing such luxuries and wealth
Try to reflect and share your life with love
For it is the most essential in spiritual health

Lend your ears to those shriek voices
Fellows with groaning pains
For you yourself have your own choices
To fill your life with the noblest things

Feel your heart,you  have the most
hidden treasure to claim
Outreach your hands and let
your good deeds to be aimed
Your heart and soul are the most
precious things
You’re a gem given by God
You’re a wonderful human being

“Gratified heart and soul” by Eureka C. Bianzon

 Life can be cheerful if you wake up with a smile on your face
And thank God for the chance of waking up for another day
Remembering all the blessings you had from yesterdays
And guidance which protected you and your family when
your skies turned gray
Life can be so wonderful if we show our gratitude to the Lord
Humbling acts and kindness cannot be shared
only by just a certain word
Always stay your feet on the ground wherever you may go
And dispense the blessings from your gratified heart and soul
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