“Mom you’re my only best friend” by Eureka C. Bianzon

You were up in the early morning just for me
And prepared everything I needed to see
But when I woke up I dressed up and ran so quickly
Not minding all of the things you’ve done for me
To the people I’ve denied you for so many times
Even telling your name I didn’t bear in my mind
Yet for everything you were there rain or shine
You always fight for my right as your dearest child
Years have gone by I lived independently
I’d never thought about you at all
Time runs so fast and things went immediately
Most people I’ve encountered in my life
Just say “hi and go”
Only you gave me the importance they didn’t show
Only you never left me and waited me to grow
Only If I could tell you now I would let you know
Mom you’re my only best friend
In this world I’ve known
Poem I’ve written from the story I’ve heard from
different people I’ve met, whom finally realized the importance
of their mothers, they’ve  treated as nothing…
I remember one of them denied her mom and told to her
friends that her mom was her nanny, and finally realized and felt how 
to be a mom when she became a mother also.

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