“I know that the Lord will always be by my side”by Eureka C.Bianzon

The ocean is clear and still
The leaves are green in the mountain hills
Above the sky there is a bluish color haze
Wondrous creatures captivate my amazing day

Under the tree on the sea side
I lay my unrest body with ceaseless pain
In there I know that all of the pain will subside
Unleashing the quiescent spirit that I’ve gained

As the sun shines fair with its glistening light
I know that the Lord will always be by my side
And even if the winds will blow and close my sight
Through Him there’s a certainty that
When I open them again
There will be a great surprise!

“Mother bird” by Eureka C.Bianzon

The dark clouds warned of a rain
Yet she  kept on hunting and never been dismayed
She remained firm and unafraid
And ready to head home again

Her mighty wings were disturbed by
the heavy rain
And a noise that has been made bothered her when she heard
A mother bird suddenly nestled up again
And checked her hatchling little birds

Hunted worms were on her beak
She excitedly feed up the hungry birds
Not minding if nothing will be left on her
As she will fly off again when they
fall asleep