“Would you still complain of the life given to you?” by Eureka C.Bianzon

Poor sigh  hopes and wish their day to just pass away
Dark walls foiled in their hearts for a brand new day
For them there will be no help to avail
To fulfill their needs even just for a day

They cry upon in vain for what the future lies
Are they going to live and survive?
Or just remain with the hungriness and die?

They live more in realms of feeblest spirits
Facing the life with woes day after day
Until their hopes will get sink and banish
Happiness in life been exchanged with anguish

Is it who and where you are right now?
Can you feel what they feel?and see what they see?
Would you still complain of the life given to you right now?
Or will be thankful enough, for you’ve experienced all the wonderful things that life could give?


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