“I was once a dreamy butterfly” by Eureka C.Bianzon

I was once a dreamy butterfly dallying myself away
After the heavy rain seeing a rainbow gratified my day
Witnessing the orchids bind,beautiful flowers and summer hays
Blessings I’ve got despite of the luminous yesterday

Oh how!beautiful the world after the rain
A wonderful pleasure to enjoy after the pain
I want to wander now the woods in the hills
Such amazing place which gives me chills

I was once a dreamy butterfly
who had no time to hate
Because I have ample of blessings
That God has shared
I only want to enjoy everything and memories to be saved
For sweet happenings will be treasured ’til my heart is in grave

“From here ’til eternity” by Eureka C.Bianzon


Every day I thank God for the times that we spend together

Since the day that we met, I am certain that we will be forever

I have been in a world of bliss when you asked for my hands

That moment my heart gained its peace, and feeling which

Was really hard to understand

There’s so much about you that warms my heart

You always amaze me in many ways even if we’re apart

I thought before to find one true love was impossible

Yet with you all doubts in my heart & mind have gone at all

Still I couldn’t get over the fact that this is really happening

That I’m going to be you future wife, and be the mother of our kids

Thank you for giving your heart to me

I promise to love you from here ’til eternity

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“You’re my one true love” by Eureka C.Bianzon


I found myself thinking all about you today
Wondering what you’re doing
and how’s your day

I found it hard to be away from you
And  I admit to myself that it hurts not to be with you

I’m writing this to tell you
how much you mean to me
You’re the one I want to hold
You’re the one I am hoping to see

From the very start you never failed
To amaze me
Through your modesty, and words
Full of sincerity

Our love evolved as you became my bestfriend, my soul mate
A sweet lover,and the most caring &
loving man I’ve ever met

My heart filled with joy because I have found the true love from you
The thought of you refreshes me
And makes me smile
Thinking about the things that you do

Our hearts found each other despite
Of all the differences
Isn’t is amazing…that in love there’s
no preferences

I miss your smiles esp those times when you found something funny in me
The way I ate my ice cream,the way
I pressed the elevator, the way I
giggled, and the way I walked with cat feet

I cannot wait to see you again,to embrace you,darling I’ll never let you go again…

I love you, I would love to spend the
Rest of my life with you

I know that I’ll be with you soon…I’ll hold you soon….

You’re my one true love,my bestfriend,my soulmate, gift from Above

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s given chance,it is honestly my lingering glance….

“I couldn’t help but cry” by Eureka C.Bianzon

I couldn’t help but cry
As I turned away and said goodbye
I couldn’t stare even in your eyes
As the saddest feeling got spired

And it is proven within me
that I can’t live a day without you
This dream emerges as the spring
A true love we made all to be true

When I obtained your arms in my head
I felt all the words you have said
I’ve seen all the butterflies that followed me
I felt the love from your heart deep inside of me

I pinched my cheeks recognizing all the  things that has preceded me
And yes!everything was not a dream
Every single moment we crafted as our wonderful memories

As I headed back home tonight
I remembered everything about us
I glazed at the sun diminishing its light
And thought about tomorrow that
Is waiting for us

I promised you that I won’t cry anymore
But I couldn’t hold back my tears
Perhaps my heart is still weary and sore
I always feel that you’re just near


“I’ll be strong for you” by Eureka C.Bianzon


I had a dream of hugging you last night
Kissing your nose,even your cheeks
You were there with me making me me feel so right
While you were holding my hands, I felt that I’ll never be so weak

Sometimes I’m wondering how my life would have been
If i haven’t reach you nor seen
But I always remind myself that even
If we’re apart
Distance will never be a barrier
I’ll be strong for you,and keep you
Deep inside my heart

I couldn’t deny that after all we’ve been through
That it is so hard staying away from you
After the night with saddest longing and pain
I’ve seen the sun which made me smile for the hope of seeing you again…

“You are worthy to be treasured & be kept ’til eternity” by Eureka C.Bianzon




Here I am so filled with happiness because of you
My heart is filled with love with everything that you do
You came into my life and you made it whole
Since then never a single heartache entered my soul

It’s you who makes this heart beats so fast
Someone when I remember won’t make my day last
You came into my life and brought the best in me
Since then I felt thing can be done even if it ain’t easy

Now that you’re here I’ll never let you go
You were the one I prayed for, for my lonely soul
I love you so sincerely, so tenderly, so passionately
You’re worthy to be treasured and be kept ’till eternity
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