“I am rich with Your unconditional love, Oh Lord”  by Eureka C. Bianzon 

Truly a blessing to witness the dark clouds brighten slowly
As the sun rises today and me with my loved one
Embracing the reality
I thank the Lord above for another great year to celebrate
A new chapter of my life is here, all from God’s divine grace
My heart is pleading with much of happiness
Never been in my life I experienced this wonderful moment
Oh Lord God thank you for Your Holiness
You always lift up my spirit through Your endearment
As I think of all the blessings You bestowed upon me
You gave me wonderful people, You gave me the wisdom
Of eternity
Yes! I am rich but not by materials things
I am rich with Your unconditional love,
 I am rich with amazing people who love me

“My body was dead” by Eureka C. Bianzon

I was quiet and sleeping alone
As I witnessed my body separated from my soul
As the night was dark no one was home
My body was numb as a stone
My spirit started waking up my body on the ground
Couldn’t even hear my voice’s loud sound
My body was dead, my heart was so down
I want somebody to see me and be found
Someone entered in my room
That was my beloved mom
She tried waking me up
ِAs she started crying so hard
Wake up, she screamed
Wake up my child don’t leave!
I embraced her but my body just passed
I couldn’t even hug her, she couldn’t feel
My touch
I sighed! , mom I am alive
Look at me, believe me I am alive!
Tears shed as I witnessed how my mom
Loves me so much
But my body was dead,
Mom I love you,
For the last time, please feel my touch!