“I couldn’t help but cry” by Eureka C.Bianzon

I couldn’t help but cry
As I turned away and said goodbye
I couldn’t stare even in your eyes
As the saddest feeling got spired

And it is proven within me
that I can’t live a day without you
This dream emerges as the spring
A true love we made all to be true

When I obtained your arms in my head
I felt all the words you have said
I’ve seen all the butterflies that followed me
I felt the love from your heart deep inside of me

I pinched my cheeks recognizing all the  things that has preceded me
And yes!everything was not a dream
Every single moment we crafted as our wonderful memories

As I headed back home tonight
I remembered everything about us
I glazed at the sun diminishing its light
And thought about tomorrow that
Is waiting for us

I promised you that I won’t cry anymore
But I couldn’t hold back my tears
Perhaps my heart is still weary and sore
I always feel that you’re just near


“I’ll be strong for you” by Eureka C.Bianzon


I had a dream of hugging you last night
Kissing your nose,even your cheeks
You were there with me making me me feel so right
While you were holding my hands, I felt that I’ll never be so weak

Sometimes I’m wondering how my life would have been
If i haven’t reach you nor seen
But I always remind myself that even
If we’re apart
Distance will never be a barrier
I’ll be strong for you,and keep you
Deep inside my heart

I couldn’t deny that after all we’ve been through
That it is so hard staying away from you
After the night with saddest longing and pain
I’ve seen the sun which made me smile for the hope of seeing you again…