“You’re my one true love” by Eureka C.Bianzon


I found myself thinking all about you today
Wondering what you’re doing
and how’s your day

I found it hard to be away from you
And  I admit to myself that it hurts not to be with you

I’m writing this to tell you
how much you mean to me
You’re the one I want to hold
You’re the one I am hoping to see

From the very start you never failed
To amaze me
Through your modesty, and words
Full of sincerity

Our love evolved as you became my bestfriend, my soul mate
A sweet lover,and the most caring &
loving man I’ve ever met

My heart filled with joy because I have found the true love from you
The thought of you refreshes me
And makes me smile
Thinking about the things that you do

Our hearts found each other despite
Of all the differences
Isn’t is amazing…that in love there’s
no preferences

I miss your smiles esp those times when you found something funny in me
The way I ate my ice cream,the way
I pressed the elevator, the way I
giggled, and the way I walked with cat feet

I cannot wait to see you again,to embrace you,darling I’ll never let you go again…

I love you, I would love to spend the
Rest of my life with you

I know that I’ll be with you soon…I’ll hold you soon….

You’re my one true love,my bestfriend,my soulmate, gift from Above

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s given chance,it is honestly my lingering glance….

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