“Undisturbed Water” by Eureka C.Bianzon


As I walked on to the lake

I noticed some women were there

Washing their clothes on the water

And drying them up on the rocks



As I reached on the lake side

I’ve stared on the water glancing

On my own reflection

It was clear and undisturbed

Suddenly when I stepped on it

It subside

The clearness was gone


I’ve spent a little time to reflect

The message it brought to my world

Undisturbed water symbolizes

The clearness of our mind and serene attitude


We have the chance to make it clear

We have the choice to maintain our own reflection

For once the clearness of our thoughts disappeared

It will shadow our paths into wrong direction

“Puppeteer”by Eureka C.Bianzon


A puppet player on a puppet show

Defining her skills of her own creation

Puppetry been her uttermost passion

Delivering happiness to children in entire



Isn’t it amazing how they unleash our imaginations?

And how they play the puppets for inspirations

A puppet on strings could be you

You can get motivated by the people

That surround you


Either way you could be a puppeteer too

Who could share Inspirations in every play that you do

But remember the only one who holds our strings

Is the Almighty up on heaven who’s watching

In everything that we do or we have been

“An Imagery of black and white when you’re alone” by Eureka C. Bianzon

 I heard the ocean waves beyond the rocks
Tender kisses of water were drifting to the shoreline
The dusk gathered all the wonderful colors of the sky
Where birds freely flock
My solitary moment undertow my faith in life

 I sat on the sands with an empty paper on my hand
I quickly sketch the things which captivated my glance
And my fuzzy art was finally done
Yet something is missing the wonderful colors were gone 

Thoughts lingered on my mind
The sketch I’ve crafted was a deadpan
The stains from my pencil were just black and white
No colors to be appreciated if it is in real life 

My solitary heart found itself to draft a poem
Announcing the ciphery of its thoughts
Life without happiness is like a saddest song
An Imagery of black and white when you’re alone 

“Being with you” by Eureka C.Bianzon

You lighten me during my darkest hour

You saved my heart in so many ways

You always give me my motive power

Since I found you I feel so secured everyday


There’s a love song ringing in my ears

Singing you’re my forever, my world, my life

Your voice is the sweetest melody I’ve ever heard

It motivates me to wear my loveliest smile


Every day I knew that you’re someone I can hold

 Someone to whom I can share my world

Being with you I couldn’t ask for more

You made this feeling stronger than before

“They will always be my babies” by Eureka C.Bianzon



I laid back my head on my soft pillow last night

While I was gazing on my sweet loving cats

They were on my feet seemed they didn’t

Want to lose from my sight

Suddenly my tears fell, my heart was like

A grass that had been cut


I was imagining their life living without me

I was thinking if they could feel the love

They felt from me

When I pulled one of them and laid to my arm

The other wiped away the tears on my other hand


It is so hard to think that my days with them

Will get over

It’s like I have to give up rendering them my


Before I was telling never I will surrender

I’ll never leave them and they’ll be with me anywhere


I felt so sad that I couldn’t keep my promise

I couldn’t find ways for them to be with me

Our memories forever I will cherish

They will always be my sweetest babies

“You’ll be gone forever” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Few years ago as I looked back the time

I was just sitting here and waiting

And asking myself when you would be mine?

I counted the waves that struck

On heavy rocks that reached upon my sight

And then you came tapping my back

Your luminous smile shone on me that night

I looked at your face

Your eyes were in glimmering light

Those were the wonderful days

When you became my life

Now here I am sitting and waiting

And asking myself when will I hold your hands

I know that I am just dreaming

For you’ll be gone forever

And there’ll be no chance

“Engagement ring”by Eureka C.Bianzon


Precious gift God has sent
Endless love which is undetermined
Like a ring without beginning and without end
Circulating waves of love we both meant

I wore different less costly rings
Color silver,bronze,gold even green
Yet none of them made me feel
The completeness when he
Offered me this precious ring

Unfathomable happiness I expressed into the sky
Unleashed by the pouring rain
From my eyes
Uncanny gift given by his heart’s
Big surprised
The knot through an engagement ring tied our hearts for life

“Happy 3rd Anniversary Kabayan weekly”by Eureka C.Bianzon


Happy 3rd anniversary Kabayan weekly

We work hand in hand
In every way we made people to understand
Our purpose as writers and contributors of Kabayan
In 3 years we created a family we served as one
 May the Lord God always bless us
With strength, wisdom, power of mind
So we may continuously share our purpose
So we may spread the good news to the world at all times
 Happy 3rd anniversary Kabayan weekly
Thank you for making each dream a reality
May we grow more and remain as one family
For us to serve more and share our newspaperin its diversity


“My life changed because of that guy” by Eureka C. Bianzon(Short story through a poem) 


Despite the darkest depths of ignoring the rays of light

And taken for granted my luminous blessed life

Still I received a message from heaven that this is not

The end of time

I still have the chance to lamp up my shade to face

The night

Many once called me as prodigy

Believing on me despite of my cruelty

I bestowed them a smirked face

And grunted voice and say

“I never believed on my own self”

How will I believe in everything that you said?

My dubious world had been so patient for me

Despite of my precocious life

I always think that things aren’t just easy

I mumbled my sadness on my own

And let the day just pass by writing

A song

Then a moment came I sang that song

On a capacious place

Played my guitar all day long

To relieve myself from a terrible day

A man came to me and asked me

To play it again

I was hesitant to do it thinking

He was just a mischievous

Creature playing on me

And will result of pain

I left him ignoring all the things he said


“I never believed on my own self”

How will I believe in everything that you said?

A day came I heard my song on a  radio

Been continuously played and

Heard by all

My family, my friends, even the people

Who belittle my world been so proud of me

My life changed because of that guy

Who believed in me and brought

Out the best from me after all

Walang Imposible sa mundo ni Eureka C.Bianzon

Isang parangal ng apresasyon
Ang naghatid saya sa aking puso ng gabing iyon
Maliban sa mga kababayan na nagbigay ng inspirasyon
Patungkol sa kanilang buhay upang makaahon

Ni minsan sa aking buhay hindi ko inakala na magiging malalim pa
Ang dedikasyon ko sa pamamahagi ng tula
Kaysarap lamang isipin na ang aking bawat katha ay marami na
Ang nakakabasa

Noong ako’y unang sumulat mahalaga na ang makapagbasa ang aking ina
Na aking napapasaya sa tuwing ginagawan ko siya ng tula

Subalit ganoon pala ang pakiramdam
Kapag buong buhay mo ay inialay mo sa may lumikha
Tangi mo lamang gagawin ay sundin ang nasa puso at simulang
isulat ang mga ibabahagi Niya

Inspirasyon sa bawat tao
Inspirasyon sa mga pangyayari sa buhay ko
Na ni minsan ay hindi ko kinalimutan
Sapagkat dito naibabahagi ang bawat aral  sa mundo

Mananatili pa rin akong manunulat ninyo
Maiwan ko man ang bansang sadyang nagbago sa buhay ko
Dito marami akong natutunan nakilala ang bawat isa sa inyo
Gayunman lahat ay aking ipinasasalamat
Sapagkat dito ko lalong nalaman na walang imposible sa mundo