“Each has a purpose in your life” by Eureka C. Bianzon

A year that comes a year that goes
Makes a man learn and grow
People may say hi, and just suddenly go
Even not letting you know
Chances may pass, opportunities may go
Either of the two makes a man appreciates more
On how to try, and be stronger than before
This is how we deal life, for second chances will
Be no more
Flap up your wings, fly high and soar
See the things which been created
And learn for what are these for?
Wander this earth witnessing them all
Each has a purpose in your life
These for you were readily stored

“Because you’re with me”by Eureka C.Bianzon


There are boundless reasons why you mean so much to me
Many poetic words I want to unleash from deep inside of me
I guess knowing you is the best moment that ever happened into my life
You’re my heart’s breathing, reasons for my happiest smiles

You made it sure that every word you said were meant so much for me
The harmonious sound from you soothes my heart even if things are ain’t easy
Your love entangled my dreams and concatenated them in reality
You’re my morning sunshine that wakes me with love consistently

You have stolen my heart with your angelic smile
Never a day that I didn’t capture your face in my mind
Even on ominous days I know that my sun will always shine
Because you’re with me,I know everything will be perfectly fine….