“Happy 3rd Anniversary Kabayan weekly”by Eureka C.Bianzon


Happy 3rd anniversary Kabayan weekly

We work hand in hand
In every way we made people to understand
Our purpose as writers and contributors of Kabayan
In 3 years we created a family we served as one
 May the Lord God always bless us
With strength, wisdom, power of mind
So we may continuously share our purpose
So we may spread the good news to the world at all times
 Happy 3rd anniversary Kabayan weekly
Thank you for making each dream a reality
May we grow more and remain as one family
For us to serve more and share our newspaperin its diversity


“My life changed because of that guy” by Eureka C. Bianzon(Short story through a poem) 


Despite the darkest depths of ignoring the rays of light

And taken for granted my luminous blessed life

Still I received a message from heaven that this is not

The end of time

I still have the chance to lamp up my shade to face

The night

Many once called me as prodigy

Believing on me despite of my cruelty

I bestowed them a smirked face

And grunted voice and say

“I never believed on my own self”

How will I believe in everything that you said?

My dubious world had been so patient for me

Despite of my precocious life

I always think that things aren’t just easy

I mumbled my sadness on my own

And let the day just pass by writing

A song

Then a moment came I sang that song

On a capacious place

Played my guitar all day long

To relieve myself from a terrible day

A man came to me and asked me

To play it again

I was hesitant to do it thinking

He was just a mischievous

Creature playing on me

And will result of pain

I left him ignoring all the things he said


“I never believed on my own self”

How will I believe in everything that you said?

A day came I heard my song on a  radio

Been continuously played and

Heard by all

My family, my friends, even the people

Who belittle my world been so proud of me

My life changed because of that guy

Who believed in me and brought

Out the best from me after all