“An Imagery of black and white when you’re alone” by Eureka C. Bianzon

 I heard the ocean waves beyond the rocks
Tender kisses of water were drifting to the shoreline
The dusk gathered all the wonderful colors of the sky
Where birds freely flock
My solitary moment undertow my faith in life

 I sat on the sands with an empty paper on my hand
I quickly sketch the things which captivated my glance
And my fuzzy art was finally done
Yet something is missing the wonderful colors were gone 

Thoughts lingered on my mind
The sketch I’ve crafted was a deadpan
The stains from my pencil were just black and white
No colors to be appreciated if it is in real life 

My solitary heart found itself to draft a poem
Announcing the ciphery of its thoughts
Life without happiness is like a saddest song
An Imagery of black and white when you’re alone 

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