My Angel,My Love by Eureka C.Bianzon

i found myself wondering about us in the future
It makes me keep on smiling for our life’s wonderful adventure
I never felt frightened for i know that
You’ll be with me
I will always have my hero who could stay beside me

You were a stranger back then
Yet I never doubted about anything
Days and nights were passed you’ve been in my writings
Everything seems so magical, my heart always feel the same love deep within

You’re the easiest to love,
And i feel that it’s a pleasure to make you laugh
I wonder how it is I could have been so blessed
Having  you my angel,  my love….

My poem for him

written 1:30 pm 18th of june

“So soon I would walk away”by Eureka C.Bianzon

Sending my prayers into the sky
Wishing for everything will turn out well when I say goodbye
As I stroll down for a walk in this
My heart found the serenity which I’d been hard  to find

I feel that my soul is still searching
For the relief of  my heart for I am leaving
I just couldn’t  explain what I am feeling
Saying goodbye is not just an ordinary thing

So soon I would walk away 
I would disappear like the ocean waves
But if one day you feel all the strains
Stare into the sky,  feel me from within like  everything didn’t change….
written  18-june ’14 @1:00 pm

“Bote’t dyaryo”

Katawang hapo nakalapat sa papag na kawayan
Ipapahinga na ang katawang sa maghapong sa init ng araw ay nakipagsabayan
Kumita na at naiuwi ang ilang singko kahit kakarampot lamang
Mahalaga’y may pambili ng pagkain upang tiyan ay mabigyang laman hanggang kinabukasan

Sa pagtilaok ng manok dama padin ang hapong katawan
Tila ayaw pang bumangon pinipilit ang mga mata’y buksan
Mag iinit ng tubig gamit ang panggatong na kawayan
At magtitimpla ng kape upang tiyan ay mainitan man lang

Handa na naman sa isang araw na pakikibaka
Tulak ang karitong bote’t dyaryo
ang dala dala
Sa iilang boteng nakokolekta siya ay tila masaya na
Sapagkat ito’y katumbas ng bawat singko na ihahain sa hapag para sa kanyang pamilya

Makaraos sa maghapon ang tanging minimithi
Mabigyang laman ang tiyan kahit man lang bigas ay may pambili
Sa pakikibaka sa araw araw siya’y hindi tumitigil
Dala ang bote’t dyaryo na sa kanyang buhay ay malaking silbi

“Bote’t Dyaryo”

Artwork & Poem ©️eurekarobey /mypenandsoul

“This life above the earth” by Eureka C.Bianzon

I was just a timid little girl

When I started realizing things about life

That moment when I saw people on different coffins

I asked myself why there were many people around

And many candle lights


On that moment I’ve seen people crying

As how they screamed could break the wall

And I heard them talking about something

That it was an accident that banished the life

Of all


There were children, adults and old woman

As white as papers,   their eyes were closed

As I walked and glanced the face of someone

She was crying and when I held her

Her hands were numb and cold


She said “those people in the coffins are my loved


They were special for me, I didn’t know that this

Time would come

That we will never be seeing them again

That I’ll never have the chance to embrace them again



As a young child I finally understood

What she meant

From then I realized the importance of

The people in my life

I realized the value of taking good care of myself

For this life above the earth is just

A borrowed life

“Your sweet gentle face” by Eureka C.Bianzon

Leaning beside you while gazing on your sweet gentle face
Kissing you goodnight after a
wonderful day
I am hearing now the love song we use to play
Oh, this room is such a romantic place for the both of us to stay

I breathe so deeply after saying a little prayer
Thanking God for each moment that we spent and will be spending together
Oh how lovely it us to stare on your sweet gentle face
Only you can make me feel this love
in its craziest way