“This life above the earth” by Eureka C.Bianzon

I was just a timid little girl

When I started realizing things about life

That moment when I saw people on different coffins

I asked myself why there were many people around

And many candle lights


On that moment I’ve seen people crying

As how they screamed could break the wall

And I heard them talking about something

That it was an accident that banished the life

Of all


There were children, adults and old woman

As white as papers,   their eyes were closed

As I walked and glanced the face of someone

She was crying and when I held her

Her hands were numb and cold


She said “those people in the coffins are my loved


They were special for me, I didn’t know that this

Time would come

That we will never be seeing them again

That I’ll never have the chance to embrace them again



As a young child I finally understood

What she meant

From then I realized the importance of

The people in my life

I realized the value of taking good care of myself

For this life above the earth is just

A borrowed life

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