“Unprecedented flood” by Eureka C. Bianzon

My Pen and Soul

Devious road I wandered searching for the right way to take

Ominous situation I felt from the tempest clouds and heavy rain

It seemed an endless path to cross I’ve been frightened

Wondering how would I depart from that uttermost disdain

Sonance thrown by the thunder disturbed the quietude place

Enormous population were terribly washed away

Continuous unprecedented flood remained that day

Streaked houses couldn’t be the safest place to stay

Young, old, deaf and mute, all were in the darkest day

Everyone were suffering with afflicting grief to bear

It was a world’s triumph stole everyone’s smile,

 Leave a great despair

Unprecedented flood by a sudden calamity

Brought hopeless fray

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“Wars like rains wash off young people’s hope” by Eureka C. Bianzon

My Pen and Soul

Population caged by hearts basked with darkness

Innocent youths were afflicted with harm-ness

Few couldn’t streak their voices for they were

Scared to try

Freedom of speech had been prohibited or else

They would die

How would the war stop?

How would innocents gain the freedom?

If their hearts had been stuck

And voices were dig on the ground

How would people gain peace in a nation?

If their hearts are dying and freedom couldn’t be

Attained in their home

Wars like rains wash off young people’s hope

Their aspirations have been pinned to vast unrestful soul

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