NANG DAHIL SA’YO ni Eureka C. Bianzon

Nang dahil sa’yo nakalikha ako ng kanta
Kahit sintunado nadarama kong mahal na mahal kita
Nang dahil sa’yo nag iba ang tema ng aking tula
Nabigyang buhay ito sa pagmamahal mong ipinadarama

Nang dahil sa’yo napunan ng ngiti ang malungkot kong mundo
Napalitan ng ngiti ang bawat patak ng luha ko
Nang dahil sa’yo natuto akong maniwala sa sarili ko
Sapagkat alam kong ikaw ay nariyan upang damayan ako

Nang dahil sa’yo alam ko kaya ko ang bawat pagsubok
Magkalayo man naniniwala ako na ika’y naghihintay na makasama ako
Nang dahil sa’yo natutunan kong magpahalaga sa bawat minuto
Sapagkat sa bawat oras na ika’y nais makapiling
Hindi ko magawa dahil sa magkalayo nating mundo

Nang dahil sa’yo natutunan kong magtiwala
Sapagkat bawat oras ipinadama mo sa akin na ako’y mahalaga
Nang dahil sa’yo napunan ako ng walang humpay na pagmamahal
Sapagkat ikaw ang biyaya sa aking buhay ng ating Maykapal

“Dahil sa inyo mga anak” ni Eureka C. Bianzon

“Dahil sa inyo mga anak”
(Na aking kayamanan)
Tungkulin bilang ina aking ginampanan
Pinunan din ang tungkulin ng inyong ama ng kalaunan
Sa ating buhay kaydami mang pagsubok ang nagdaan
Ako’y nanatiling nakangiti at buo dahil sa inyo mga anak na aking kayamanan
Ang aking puso ay labis na nasisiyahan
Sapagka’t kayo ang aking mga anak
Pagmamahal ay napunan
Walang pagsubok ang aking hindi
Sapagkat sa aking harapan kayo’y nakangiti at palaging nariyan
Sa tulong ng Maykapal aking pangarap para sa inyo’y matutupad
Kayo’y mananatili sa aking puso saan man ako mapadpad
Bilang ama’t ina ninyo pangako ako’y mananatiling matatag
Kasama ng pamilyang pagmamahal
Sa akin ay labis na inihatag

A requested poem

WHEN I RUN AGAIN by Eureka C. Bianzon

I ran in certain places bound in places I’ve known
Seen couples faces they were happy as much they’ve shown
Suddenly I felt so numb trying to find my distant home
I realized you were not there I found myself all alone
I tried searching for the words that could mend this heart
You lied to me by telling I’m your world,and yet we fall apart
I know I could find the answer when I run again
Facing up to the sky to whom I would ask this pain to end

“When You Came” by Eureka C.Bianzon

My fingers snapped and in a glimpse you came
It was like a candle that lightens up with a flame
You were a prince in a fairy tale that suddenly appeared from a picture frame
Since you came our hearts were tied together with a strongest chain

I remember when those blue eyes and soft lips gave me chills
When they touched mine when I stood still
My hands were electrified by the great feelings you’ve given me
From then  I am certain that you’re my forever til Eternity

You’re like a candle that lightens up my life
You were the magic from a fairy tale I desired
You were just once my dream when I closed my eyes
And dream came true when you came it was a big

“Oh Lord God I give Thanks to You by Eureka C.Bianzon

Oh Lord God I give thanks to You for the beauty of today
Every day You give my life light and guide me on my way
In my dream each night You made true today
You help me travail this life with cheerfulness in Your most amazing ways

Oh Lord God I give thanks to You for guiding my loved ones, my friends,my family
For serving us Your daily bread for life of eternity
Oh this blessed life is my gratitude to you
Thank You from the deepest part of my heart

You make my prayers,wishes & dreams came true


Eureka Bianzon Robey