“SAF44” by Eureka C.Bianzon

Buhay ay ibinuwis sa pagmamahal  sa inang bayan
Sa pagnanais na matamasa ang kapayaan
Sa isang ingkwentro sila’y hindi handang makipaglaban
Kanilang mga katawan ay nakahandusay at duguan
Na tila may anino ng walang kalaban laban

Sa kamay ng tulisan dignidad nila ay nadungisan
Animo’y mga hayop kung patayin ay walang habag na masisilayan
Mga bayaning nakipaglaban na walang bahid ng pag aalinlangan
Nawa’y ating pamahalaan ay gayundin ang gawin
upang hustisya at katotohanan ay kanilang makamtan

Labis na ikinalulungkot ng aking luhaang puso
Masilayan ang kanilang mga karumal dumal na litrato
Aking mga kapatid na nasa parehong serbisyo
Ay labis kong ipinagdasal na hindi mapasama sa ganitong
klaseng ingkwentro

SAF 44 kayo ay bayani at hindi kailan man malilimutan
Nawa’y dumating ang araw na ang hustisya at katotohanan ay inyong
Aking panalangin ay aking iniiaalay sa inyo ng lubusan
Para sa inyong tunay na bayani na aming hinirang

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“As we walked out one evening” by Eureka C.Bianzon

As we walked out one evening
Under the moonlight beam
The beautiful stars were shining
Down to us from heaven it seemed

We passed by the streets
We walked around and seen
Pretty lights anywhere
Felt the cold weather stagnated
In there

When we got in inside the car
I held his warm hands, stared at him next to mine
I loved the feeling travelling far
For that long night he’ll be with me
not minding about the time

It was amazing,i felt deeply inlove,
i  felt the shining distant moon above
As we wandered around passing by the streets and sweet oceans
Love within me got so strong ,that  will bursts at any chance

I loved his eyes, i loved his nose and lips
Hiding my feeling was the one I couldn’t keep
I felt my love it dig so deep
I’ve seen him still even when I’m asleep

I woke up with him beside me
I pointed his nose with my finger
I repeated it many times,one two three
Suddenly he cuddled me,and called me his forever


“THANK YOU POPE FRANCIS” by Eureka C.Bianzon

He reaches the hands of the poor,those who are in need
He teaches men with love ,compassion in him never disappeared
His smile is infectious , mists the magic of happiness everywhere
As he arrived in the Philippines, hope brought to the sicked to get them well

Unity he dwelled to the people, in different religions and race
For Him understaning people is never to judge on their status and face
Grace of humility,simplicity he exemplifies to the world
May the people listen in their hearts after hearing the message of God from his words

He said “Don’t focus on me but to the Lord Jesus Christ”
He is the model of humbleness, never in disguise
Thank You!Pope Francis you’re a living proof of God’s blessing
Thank you for including us in your sincerest prayers that are everlasting-mypenandsoul


Muchas gracias Pope Francis para el cuidado de nosotros… gracias por sus oraciones demasiado….Dios te bendiga siempre
___________________________________ desde
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“Under the shining moon”

As I craft on the sands through my pensive moods
And gaze on the dolphins flutter with the ocean tunes

My mind wanders with these words for you

If ever my dreams would be possible to come true

Tonight is a great night to see the shining


Facing freely the sea ,and the stars will appear too ,soon

Their glitters seem dancing

They keep my mind wandering

My shadow follows the motion of my hands
As I craft the words “I love you” on this warm glistening sands
Oh it’s so sweet to stare on this sweet ocean
Just like you and me all was bind with love
through God’s perfect plans



When i feel sad ,no one was there that dares to ask
When i feel bad, no one was there that listens and ask
Sometimes i feel unappreciated
Sometimes I feel unvalued in all good things i did

When i feel alone , no one was there to be with me at home
When i need someone,everyone walks away and gone
Sometimes I feel life for people who do good is unfair
Sometimes I feel lonely to remain seated in my hopeless chair

“Steadfast faith” by Eureka Bianzon Robey


Here breaks the dawn welcomes a sweet morning
Rays of light shows God’s multiple blessings
Roads have shades from leaves of trees
Soothing nature welcomes an everlasting peace

Here I am with my own satisfaction
My blessed life I claim without expectations
I have faith in me beyond life’s imperfections
Nothing is heavy to God ,in Him i give my sincerest devotion

Everything is beautiful,easy once we have faith
When we open our hearts letting love enter its gate
A Steadfast faith is what we need to give
To the Lord Almighty while we have this blessed life to live

© Marilou Eureka Cambonga Bianzon Robey

Mypenandsoul author




“Challenges for me were my continuous blessings”by Eureka C.Bianzon

Now I know why I was being born
A questioned I’ve been asking for so many years
The heaven showed all the things I adorn
Blessings which been given to me since when I was a kid

I endured life appreciating either huge or small things
I never complained hence I prayed and pursued my dreams
Challenges for me were my continuous  blessings
For in every bit  I learned to be strong, to be firmed

There were people who laughed at me
There were people who belittle my abilities
I gave them smile  and I pursued my degree
At the end I thank them for bringing out the best in me

“So my heart may answer my mind” by Eureka C.Bianzon

I’ve been trying to restrain my feelings
Yet I couldn’t hold it anymore
A shadow of suffering snatched my happiness
Here I am now crying behind my closed door

My mind asked my heart
when this pain will end
And my hands kissed my eyes
wiping the hurt with tears to mend

I hope and pray when i wake up tomorrow
I’ll be freed from pain and ambiguous sorrow
So my heart may answer my mind
I have faith in me, that’s all you need to find

“Grace of humanity” by Eureka Bianzon Robey

A silent prayer I whispered from my heart
May people find  peace esp those who have gone to war
May security and peace be yearned from our country mother
So its children may experience  comfort from her

May those with heavy burdens surpass the continuous rains
May their paths be lightened with hope from heaven
May the youths be protected as well as the elderly
May this earth be filled with the grace of humanity