“THANK YOU POPE FRANCIS” by Eureka C.Bianzon

He reaches the hands of the poor,those who are in need
He teaches men with love ,compassion in him never disappeared
His smile is infectious , mists the magic of happiness everywhere
As he arrived in the Philippines, hope brought to the sicked to get them well

Unity he dwelled to the people, in different religions and race
For Him understaning people is never to judge on their status and face
Grace of humility,simplicity he exemplifies to the world
May the people listen in their hearts after hearing the message of God from his words

He said “Don’t focus on me but to the Lord Jesus Christ”
He is the model of humbleness, never in disguise
Thank You!Pope Francis you’re a living proof of God’s blessing
Thank you for including us in your sincerest prayers that are everlasting-mypenandsoul


Muchas gracias Pope Francis para el cuidado de nosotros… gracias por sus oraciones demasiado….Dios te bendiga siempre
___________________________________ desde
#Mypenandsoul #POEMOFVIEW

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