Gratitude that I will always live by Eureka Bianzon Robey

It is just an amazing thing
When you walk around and see the beauty of the surroundings
And think of a new poem to write
While staring on the sky with a sun so bright

With every step that my feet make
I wonder how many blessings I have lived and thank
The falling leaves remind me of those days that I got to fall and challenges I had face
And through God I have surpassed them and feel again His glorious days

I know  myself that there are bunch of things I can not repay
The health , wisdom for me and my loved ones when I pray
Enormous blessings that God has given me and to my family
My gratitude that I will always  live and  thank Him
til eternity
(c) Mypenandsoul


My gratitude to the people behind my happiness

So glad being appreciated with my noblest intincts
I’m so blessed being cherished and Loved
I’ve imparted inspirations by the help of my ink
I gained recognition I didnt expect to have

I’ve met wondrous people,writers and artists of any kind
They were glimmering as a star, and shining as the moon
That   night I guess, I didn’t feel the time
A surprise just sparked like a silver spoon

Even an old grammar couldn’t explain my heart wants to express
That night when I walked on the red aisle with my simple gown
My gratitude to the people behind my happiness
A gift that was given to me was more than a golden crown

That night I’ve found the meaning of happiness
To impart oneself and be an inspiration
Be part and be glad of everyone’s success
And live a life with light heart and devotion
(c) mypenandsoul

writer: Eureka Bianzon Robey  author of Poem of View and My pen and soul

In that moment when we exchanged our vows by Eureka Bianzon Robey

Under the moon and stars that give their light
Your sweet face  gleams  upon my sight
Suddenly I reminisce the time when I was your bride
Those days brought in me  my smiles even on my sleepless nights

I pray to God in heaven as I face into the sky
In our relationship may He be our ultimate guide
May He be the one to Light our clouds when they are gray
For us to surpass the trials of marriage in each passing days

In that moment when we exchanged our vows
I believe that with you everything  I will endow
Being with you my husband I know I’m  in the life
Of happiness and faith of everlasting  light
(c) mypenandsoul

Pilipinas Bansang Aking Kinagisnan ni Eureka Bianzon Robey

Sa pag apak ko sa bansang aking kinagisnan
Saya ng aking puso ay sadyang hindi matawaran
Narating ko man at ibat ibang panig ng mundo
Nagtrabo  man  o tumira ng permanente sa ilan dito
Ang Bansang Pilipinas na aking kinagisnan ay mananatili sa puso ko

Dito ko sinimulan ang bawat hamon ng aking buhay
Dito ko kinilala ang pagmamahal,disiplina,pag aaruga ng tunay
Mula sa aking pamilya,mga kaibigan mga taong sa aking kwento ay nagbigay saysay
Dumating man ang bawat panahon sila pa din ang nakakaramay

Bansang Pilipinas na aking kinagisnan
Bansang hinding hindi ko malilimutan
Kahit noon, kahit ngayon,bukas magpakailanpaman
Ito pa din ang bansang aking naiisip sa tuwing ako ay mag iibang bayan

Walang makapapantay na lubos na ligaya
Sa Bansang Pilipinas na aking kinaginisnan
Sa tuwing aking iisipin na ako dito ay isinilang
Aking pasasalamat  sa Panginoon
na aking buhay ay dito ko sinimulan
(c) mypenandsoul

My very first snowy weather by Eureka Bianzon Robey

The sun woke me up in this snowy morning
I thank God for giving me another day,this life is truly a beautiful blessing
The surrounding fills my heart with amazement
For everything looks like  beautiful clouds  up in heaven

My heart smiles with excitement
When I see the glares of the sun kiss the snows
My mind wander with full of joy and astonishment
Which makes me open fully the blinds of my small windows

The huge tree acknowledge  this snowy weather
As it dances freely with the wind,
They are like those birds that flap their wings together
Even make harmonious sounds from nature that loves to sing

There is nothing I would not love with my very first snowy weather
It may be too cold,yet it truly brings delightfulness to my heart
It’s like beautiful clouds close to heaven where I wanna say my ardent prayer
To thank God for everything,for every piece of His mesmerizing art

(c) mypenandsoul


Nangungulila ni Eureka Bianzon Robey

Ngayo’y malayo sa piling ng aking mga magulang
Pinipilit sarili’y pasayahin upang pangungulila ay mabigyang patlang
Batid ko bawat araw na sila ay wala sadyang may kulang
Ngunit may mga  panahong  ako’y walang magawa sa tuwing sila ay nais  masilayan

Ipinaglayo man ng tadhana, nawa’y dalhin ng hangin ang aking yakap para sa kanila
At madama naman mula sa patak ng ulan ang sa kanila’y  aking  pangungulila
Dalangin ko sa pagdating ng panahon sila muli ay makasama
Ng mapunan ng saya ang aking pusong sa kanila’y lubos na nangungulila

Pagkakaibigang walang iwanan ni Eureka Bianzon Robey

Tayo’y may mabuting pinagsamahan
Walang nakakahahadlang kahit sinuman
Bawat araw punong puno ng kasiyahan
Walang humpay na biruan at tawanan

Bawat bagay binibigyang halaga
Kahit na larawang iginuhit ng lapis ay sapat na
Walang hinangad kundi mapasaya ang bawat isa
Gayundin ang damayan kung bawat puso ay nagdurusa

Samahang pinagtibay ng mga mumunting ala ala
Kahit ngayon ay magkalayo ,nararamdamang tayo’y malapit parin sa isa’t isa
Pagkakaibigang walang iwanan
Magbago man ang mundo ang bawat isa sa atin ay palaging nariyan

Special word by Eureka Bianzon Robey

A special word for you and me
Love that will never end forever
It’s a gentle word like spark of light
And its sounds go deeper

Our heart always meet as one
When a glimpse from your eyes stare mine
Love is what I always hear when I’m with you
The magical word,that is so true

A special word I’ll cherish within my soul
So strong ,and so pure
It gives me strength ,and above all
It gives me courage in every test that I’m going to endure

A special word that i offer you
A love that I can’t live without
You’ve made my dreams come true
I love you, and loving you never once made me doubt

A special word
You allow me to experience
It was something that was very hard to find
Yet with you, there’s an unconditional love that exists
And I feel it in my heart , it digs in my soul and mind

A special word from an amazing person
That shows me in every single day his love and devotion
Someone who illuminates my life
And made me feel the truest meaning of this