Special word by Eureka Bianzon Robey

A special word for you and me
Love that will never end forever
It’s a gentle word like spark of light
And its sounds go deeper

Our heart always meet as one
When a glimpse from your eyes stare mine
Love is what I always hear when I’m with you
The magical word,that is so true

A special word I’ll cherish within my soul
So strong ,and so pure
It gives me strength ,and above all
It gives me courage in every test that I’m going to endure

A special word that i offer you
A love that I can’t live without
You’ve made my dreams come true
I love you, and loving you never once made me doubt

A special word
You allow me to experience
It was something that was very hard to find
Yet with you, there’s an unconditional love that exists
And I feel it in my heart , it digs in my soul and mind

A special word from an amazing person
That shows me in every single day his love and devotion
Someone who illuminates my life
And made me feel the truest meaning of this

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