My very first snowy weather by Eureka Bianzon Robey

The sun woke me up in this snowy morning
I thank God for giving me another day,this life is truly a beautiful blessing
The surrounding fills my heart with amazement
For everything looks like  beautiful clouds  up in heaven

My heart smiles with excitement
When I see the glares of the sun kiss the snows
My mind wander with full of joy and astonishment
Which makes me open fully the blinds of my small windows

The huge tree acknowledge  this snowy weather
As it dances freely with the wind,
They are like those birds that flap their wings together
Even make harmonious sounds from nature that loves to sing

There is nothing I would not love with my very first snowy weather
It may be too cold,yet it truly brings delightfulness to my heart
It’s like beautiful clouds close to heaven where I wanna say my ardent prayer
To thank God for everything,for every piece of His mesmerizing art

(c) mypenandsoul


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