A very humble doctor by Mypenandsoul  

​”A very humble doctor ”

I was ill the very first day I met him

That day he approached me with a smile 

His gesture was absolutely  welcoming

A very humble doctor I’ve ever seen in my life
He even listened to my real life stories

That moment I knew he cares  about  people’s  lives 

He then asked me If I want to work with him

Months later I showed up for it was my heart’s desire
I heard patients  words from feelings

How they admire him and his family 

One day I’ve  found myself crying

From a patient’s  heartfelt testimony
A very humble doctor I’ve  ever seen

Who touched  many patients  lives in between

Surely he will be forever loved  & remembered

By all ,whom with his care have been blessed
Eureka Bianzon Robey

(c) mypenandsoul.com 

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