My name is Dew  by Mypenandsoul 

My name  is  Dew by  

I roam  to meet my new and old friends dear

To the firehouse, school, houses that are near

To the farm  fields,  ponds , and creeks

Where color of leaves change multiple times a year 
I follow the golf cart all the way 

To  make sure that everybody is okay

I sniff the places where  we go

No matter how the insects make my 

 nose blow 
I am a town dog, a farm dog as well

My name is Dew , you all heard about my tale

This is the wonderful life I chose to dwell

That every day in my journey I make people well 
“My name is Dew”

Poem author: Eureka Bianzon Robey  

My Dream by Mypenandsoul

I went to row under the dim moonlight
And gladder my heart which was in grief

I stayed on my boat the whole night

I laid there staring on the sad sky until I fall asleep
I dreamt of wonderful things

Both of us were there

We were singing and laughing

Dancing under the moonlight glare
I was with my everdearest

Whose face basking with light

I wished we went that farthest

In a longest journey that night
I woke up now sighing,

I’ve seen the sunrise again

I found the grief of losing

My dream,I really felt the pain

Author: Eureka Bianzon Robey