Our Love Story 

Happy 2nd Wedding  Anniversary  my Love

3 years ago: 
We watched the sunrise at 6 in the morning

On top  of  the world’s   tallest building

Luminous sky illuminated  my elusive dream

Finally you’re with me, your face was in gleam
Few days have passed  we discovered our feelings

Our Love was unconditonal , beyond  if I could imagine

We held our hands together  as tighty as it seemed

That no one could wake us up from our wonderful dream 
April 08 2014 
A night came, that evening I was with my king

He kneeled down and was holding a  diamond ring

The fountains with music made such wondeful streams 

It lifted my soul knowing that everything was not a dream 
I got engaged with you that evening 

That moment was a magic &truly mesmerizing 

As we embraced  each other whispering

“I love you” ,  my life’s  sweeetest thing
2 years ago: 
April 08 2015
We tied our knot  2 years ago

No more goodbyes  for our longing soul

That day when I walked down the aisle

towards you

I thank God for making our dreams come true
Our moments caught by the beautiful sunrise to sunset

That Love & happiness composed & fueled  our story

You gave me such unforgettable wonderful memories  

Being with you is the best thing that ever happened  to me
Happy 2nd Wedding  Anniversary my love

You’re  the greatest gift given from Above

I’ll be with you forever  til our years are done

We’ll  grow old together watching the beautiful

mypenandsoul  #eurekazachary 

Author: Eureka Bianzon  Robey  

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