​I love you, but i don’t  know why my heart is in pain by Eureka Robey 

I love you, but i don’t  know why my heart is in pain

Things I loved about you are not anymore the same

You’re far more different to that person I once knew

Please let me understand that you still care like I  do
I do not wish to  make you feel this way  too

But It’s  me whose trying to make things clear to you

I love you from what we’ve  been through 

In my heart you’re the one that I love so true
I hope you feel me saying these things to you

I will remain in silence ’til  you tell me that you do

I love you,  but i don’t  know why my heart is in pain

I wish I could feel it when I’m  with you once again 
Requested poem by one of Mypenandsoul  followers  June 09 2017  

Grown Woman In me 

As I stare into the mirror I can see me

A grown woman with faith despite of tears

I may have lost my road with wrong decisions I did

I’m proud I’m a grown woman who defeated her fears

I may have loved by many and been hated by few

I am proud I am a person whose heart speaks for the truth

Only One knows  my entire life & what I’ve  been through

Our Almightly who guides me in everything that I do

As I stare on the mirror  my face seems clear

A smile on my face made the visibility of my conquered fear 

I am a grown woman ,&  I am proud that I am me

I have loved by people who see the grown woman in me