You will be forever missed

I reminisce those days with you with pure delight
Laughters beyond the walls that only silence will subside
Since the very first time I’ve met you, all positive thoughts you’ve shown
And truly, you were one of the funniest person I’ve ever met and known

My heart is in gnawing pain this day that you’re gone
So many words I want to say , & it’s sad ,these will be just left undone
I’m now in a garden with faded flowers from those days they were in bloom
Hiding my tears through the rain from the clouds in gloom

Down here from heaven I will always think that you’re one those stars
Smiling at us from the distance yet with illuminating sparks
These will be your laughters and happiness you share from there in paradise
Grandma Betty, you will be forever missed with your heartfelt goodbye

6 thoughts on “You will be forever missed

  1. I feel your poem….I’ve been there before. This is so sad.. don’t worry, the lord will embrace her there in heaven. She will be alright there.;))

    1. thank you for spending your time reading my poem, My heart is in pain right now, lost of loved one is truly hard to bear… thank you, i appreciate your kindness….

      1. I really feel you. I lost my second nanay recently this january 2 and it is so sad and hard me to go on. I missed her so much but that’s life we need to move on.. We may not see them both but their memories will still remain in our hearts forevermore.;))

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